Friday, August 5, 2011

What I managed to salvage for Fall - and beyond

My material sourcing trips are unpredictable. Using discarded leather to make the bags, means I have no way of knowing in advance, what will land on the table.

Leather I source is end-of-the-roll, odd-lots and rejects by furniture and garment makers. Anything they think is either "too small", has brand marks (which, most USA grown leather does), is damaged, pre-cut or just orphaned for other reasons will end up in liquidation stock.  So, each time there are different kinds of leather for rescue... Sometimes it suits my work, and sometimes it, well, does not.

Also, recently, I began scouring business listings for closures, changes in orientation or material overstock. I started collecting unwanted leather and denim clothing from friends, to keep that out of the landfill too... Anything I can salvage, I will try my best to do so.

One leather hunt of mine delivered more than I could hope for. I headed to my trusted "orphaned" leather supplier looking for anything colourful, pliable and different - for Spring! What I found was... materials, that inspired my FW 2011; along with some great Summer finds...

Spanish Moss, Cigar, Antique Brown and Syrah
I scooped up pretty much everything. All the hides, hurt, rejected and unwanted by their original owners were piled up into boxes and sent to their new home, Jola V. Designs studio...

Here they are - proudly salvaged!

Antique Brown, Syrah and Oakwood: re-purposed cowhide
Antique Brown, Cigar, Birch and Nude: re-purposed cowhide
Beautiful earth tones
There is a great selection of orphaned, unwanted  - and perfect - leather out there... I am glad to give it a home and a purpose. My FW 2011 will continue in the traditional fashion of re-purposing...


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