Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Winter 2014 “Ahto” Collection reveal

With the Fall season beautifully setting in here, in the Pacific North West, it is time to show off our full Fall/ Winter 2014 Ahto Collection.

Collection marks 8 years since the designer Jolanta Va, arrived in Canada and eventually decided to settle (title “Ahto”, means Middle Dutch for Eight).
It portrays Bohemia, Returning to Basics, through humble, timeless shapes and minimalist aesthetics, representing renewal and clean slate. The designer re-imagined simplicity through a vagabond’s perspective, inspired by her quest to find a place she belongs.
Ahto features a selection of 5 new handbag styles, built of leather, including BC grown/ tanned bison and elk, giving it a Canadian edge; as well as recycled vintage garment and upholstery.
Here are the designs:
Pouchey - a slouchy bucket cross-body, which converts to a tote;
Festivalette - a small, sleek cross-body or waist bag;
Dreamer - Lightweight cross-body or shoulder bag with our signature pleat detail. Mostly OOAK.
Bastra - large, cushion shaped cross-body, built from BC sourced and tanned Bison leather.
Bastra Tote - large Bison leather tote, that switches to a cross-body. Limited run piece.
here we are - all 5 new designs. These, and our Permanent styles, along with those from the previous collections, are now online at the Webshop.

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