Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quick Recap

The past few weeks have been busy.

As usual, when we take time to travel (yes, travel) there are things to catch up on afterwards. Feels like the month of April was just here, but it was the one month that packed in two trips, a press feature (previous post), which resulted in some backlog of orders, followed by a rush to send out wholesale supply, and get ready for the creation of the Spring 2015 LookBook.

Working with a wholesale agency completely changed the way we do things at JVD. The deadlines are no longer loosy-goosey, the decisions on colour selection for each design have to happen early, and overall, things need to be ready. Done. Early. Nearly a year ahead of the targeted season.

Also, this Summer we’re planning to show at a number of festivals, where you will be able to get the first look at the complete FW’14 Collection, stock of which we’ve also been building these past number of weeks.

But first, the travel in April...

We once again hit the road to Edmonton for the 2nd Spring show, and it was great. We’re thankful to fans, new customers, sale customers, and all who came and supported. The Sarah bags were the shoppers’ choice once again, but we also got great response on the new, unreleased Bison leather pieces. We had our best Alberta showing to date. Here are some snapshots of the trip, and the show.

 With only a one day break – because, 1 day is enough – our designer was off to the Old Country for a long overdue break and family visit. And, apparently, was greeted with early summer weather, full on patio season, great shopping and some much needed time with friends and a t home. A week and a half flew in, what seemed, a few short moments. Here are some of the many photo highlights brought back by J.

Cloudless sky and white walls...

A defense wall is your back yard...



Sakura blooms

Traveler's outfit

Uncovered bricks



The queen of sandwich boards

And the bunny of sandwich boards

Old and beautiful

Amazing Gothic ensemble of St. Anne's

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