Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The "What's in your bag?" question

Apparently, it is quite a movement!
What is inside our bags says a lot about us, our habits, priorities and lifestyles. And, because those details are private, they are also an object of curiosity. What hides inside a bag, and why?

Something about those contents have people admit, that they feel "lost" or "naked" without their bag, and forgetting even a small part of the contents at home, can really alter - or even spoil - one's day.

Eventually, folks started sharing their (edited) holdings of their bags, and soon, venues feeding these curiosities popped up everywhere from the Internet, to Print,- groups, forums, magazines and sole interviews, all dedicated to the "What's in your bag?" topic. It is becoming a type of a secondary 'selfie' - an edited, in many cases, prettied up insight in our private lifestyles. We're focusing on showcasing the cool items and things about us, while leaving out the grungy ones to remain unseen. We're showcasing a bit of 'our world' through a cool lens. What's more fun?

Also, many communities found these incredibly helpful, and began learning from each other, from packing, to problem solving. All thanks to the contents of their peers' bags...

Here are some of the curious venues:

Haute Handbags features a section of "What's in your bag?" and asks the readers to share, and prints the chosen selection

This photo community collects crowd-sourced photos of WIYB?

An online page, featuring pictures and mini-interviews with WIYB contributors:

And a humorous look at what's really in your bag? through the eyes of a cartoonist, showing the items, that usually get left out of the spotlight.

Top of the page: J's day bag:

the bag: JVD Marife tote
contents: "goodies I do not leave home without": wallet, amber mirror & note book given by mom, my biz cards, jvd pen, lipsticks, some leather samples & the trusted device which took this pic. #inMyBag #bags #secrets

Do you have a line-up of items, that make the life easier? -

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