Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Circle Craft Summer Market recap

Last weekend was the debut of Circle Craft and BC's Craft Council's first ever outdoor show. The two organizations team up each year to put on one of Vancouver's best known high quality juried art shows in November.

We spent 4 days at the Summer Market, and everything was superb, starting from the smooth set-up, and great neighbours, to weather.

Blue sky in the background all weekend

This event was free of charge to attend, so any bi-passer could walk by and check out what was happening. The foot traffic was very busy all weekend long, with cruise boats landing nearby and otherwise busy Coal Harbour area.

The tents and the North Shore view
The show tents were supplied by the show, which was great for us, tentless accessory folks. We were in a close proximity of good neighbours on either side; covered for each other coffee breaks and helped each evening with closing.

The Olympic Cauldron and the Southern view
The venue was not only busy, but also beautiful - of course, like in any outdoor event, it all could have been different if it rained. This Vancouver Summer has been unbelievable, so taking our show outdoors, was a grand idea this time.
Below are some shots of our set-up...

J. in the booth, Saturday

Leather overalls turned out to be a conversation piece

An engraved pen - a little giftie from our neighbour, The Woodman

The weekend's give-away, QtBeach.

Many thanks to those who attended and supported. We hope to see you in our upcoming events.

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