Friday, June 1, 2012

Custom Service in a nutshell

We will make our big announcement of the new Custom Service in our newsletter later today. Here is a summary of how it works...

We are mainly looking to re-use the old leather jackets, lingering for many years inside your closet. The outdated ones, the ones that no longer fit, the damaged ones - anything could be re-worked.

Same goes for fur coats - although fur requires simpler design.

You can choose our existing bag design to re-work your jacket into, or you can  describe/ sketch your own.

Your bag will feature unique details - e.g pockets, pleats and zipper details. Most jackets have great factory details, that should be carried over to your Custom bag. You can also choose your own shade of hardware from our stock.

Once you've decided on what design you'd like your bag to be, send us the coat, and an e-mail with details: with subject line "Custom Service" . 

All designs will be assessed to the compatibility with your leather and the jacket size. Stiff luggage cannot be made of lambskin, and a small jacket will not do for an over-sized purse. Some additional hardware may need to be purchased, based on your ideas...

We will send you an estimate and, if applicable, - suggestions/ changes, etc.

Out of an average coat will get:
1. Your truly OOAK Custom Bag; 

2. A Pouch to go with it; 3. A bracelet or another small accessory

We will ship your Custom goodies back to you for FREE! 

Some other recycled jacket designs:

Purple jacket Butterfly Clutch
Telia, recycled fur

Sarah and Iolanthe


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