Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing - Telia. A clutch from all recycled materials.

One type of raw-materials I have always been on the fence about, is fur. And, even now, having used it, I still am. I find vintage fur coats very wearable, and believe that continuing to wear them, is the best way of appreciating such a garment. Many of those coats from the 50's and 60's are classically cut and made in North America - or other country, where they were sewn and sold. They are also very well made, and if cared for, would be able to serve several generations of wearers.
I could not justify cutting up a perfectly good, unique vintage coat, not even for the sake of re-using it.

I also do not work with unused pelts, regardless if they are manufacturers "dead stock". So, for a while, fur was not a material of choice for me.

The coat I recycled recently, had a few tears in the right sleeve and joint, rubbed-off sleeve tips and disintegrating lining. The condition showed me, that it may have, in fact, been worn by several generations already, before it got donated to charity. It was petite in size, it actually appeared too small for today's fits. I spent perhaps twenty minutes inspecting it, and was pretty much certain, it would be a hard sell, as a complete garment.
I purchased it, in hopes on making good use for it. So, just like with my leather, I cut out the worn out and damaged bits, used all the wonderfully preserved pieces of fur, also the cheese-cloth supporting them from the inside. Unfortunately, I was not able to save the embroidered lining, as it appeared too fragile for my use.

And this is the result - Telia, limited edition clutch made of recycled Fox fur and remnants of my production leathers. With a zipper closure and wrist loop, it is a distant relative of the Butterfly Clutch.

Telia is already available at some of my lovely retailers, and will make an appearance at the Web-shop and all my Holiday Season events. There will not be many of them, as I am only recycling this one coat. The fur will be consistent through all the clutches, but the frame leather will change - besides, Brown, shown here, I have made them in Burgundy, Chestnut and hoping to squeeze in a few other leather colours.

Telia, Brown

Telia, Brown

Telia, Brown
 My beautiful vintage Fox coat lives on in a form of clutches, that will serve several generations of their wearers'...

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